A few random useful sites...
The Hunger Site: make donations of food to the starving at no cost to you. Managed by the UN.

Universal Currency Converter: A quick foreign currency exchange rate calculator.

The Wine Lovers' Club: A friend's mail order wine business, specialising in the Adelaide Wine Show dozen - medal and trophy winning wines delivered.

The CIA Factbook: the inside story on every country, prepared for the US diplomatic corps. A wealth of information in a quick reference.

Free Management Library - useful information for nonprofits.

Miranda ICQ: A free-use lightweight version of the ICQ chat software, easier to download and simpler than the Mirabilis version. You will need to join ICQ via the latest Mirabilis version or download the 'signup' plugin.

The Thorn Tree: Lonely Planet's travel message board, a great way to get in touch with other travellers.

Tony's Ratanakiri Blog - life in Cambodia.

Telstra Australia Direct international reverse charges.

Modem Tips: a few ways to improve your dial up connection and avoid getting kicked off due to bad lines.

Stickman Readers: Men Who Fall In Love With Thai Hookers Are Clinically Sick.

Oxfam Australia


Mitsubishi Magna - strange facts from the user manual.

Coke cans and memorabilia for sale.

Brian Hobbs.

LG RH2T Firmware (LG_RH2T8_UPDATE.ROM 090304a) upgrade for the LG HD DVD Recorder RH2T80 (/160/250) series .

Apricot Rose: a friend's wedding dress and bridal supply business.

Zimbabwe's flag    Sites about Zimbabwe

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