Cambodia 2008

Phnom Penh

Streets of the capital

Orasay Market, shopping for kitchenware
Stereo shop, in a patch of stereo shops near Orasay

My typically Asian notebook, with inspirational blurb
Supermarket shelf, with breast firming gel and pink nipple cream


House Inside
My House - I live upstairs
The lounge, with rather grand shrine
Out my front door Water filter Bathroom
View from the front door 'Rabbit' water filter The famous hot shower
Sovann Kiri Hotel
The hotel I used, from my office window The main highway - to Phnom Penh... and to the town centre
The HU Office
Travelling the highway to Stung Treng and the rest of the world
The highway to Vietnam, and the puddle I fell in
Staff meeting - in view: 5 people, 7 mobile phones

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All photos © Tony Hobbs

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