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There is a sample of all the places I've wandered on the Travel Page

I've seen most parts of my homeland Australia

Civilisations blend in Malaysia and the Philippines

There is loads of history and living culture in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia

There are great cities and desolate wilds in Europe

There is plenty of wildlife and some great scenery in Zimbabwe

I've seen great sunsets, multifarious butterflies, spectacular orchids, magnificent waterfalls, weird and wonderful modes of transport, slithering reptiles and other strange critters

A gaggle of my snapshots is in the Tony Gallery and my Pals page

(You can do a tour through the above pages by clicking on the link at the bottom of each page)

I used to work in Ratanakiri and at the Mwenezi Development Training Centre

Some of my Adelaide mates were in the Cafe Club

Some of my Thai pals can be found at Pims Bar

I'm also trying out photo sharing with a Flickr account, and a few videos on Youtube

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All Photos © Tony Hobbs, Adelaide, Australia

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