Festival at Peter Lehmann Wines, Tanunda 2003. Christ, did I really look like that?

Some things never change .. 1984? 2011?

Porn 2007 Pim Bar - Duen, Ane, Porn, Nim,Fon Porn

Ariya 2007 - lovely soul Ariya Poi 2006 Poi 2007

Iva Gladys 2006 Iva with Gladys, not being a bitch for over 6 hours, 2007 Iva uses Gladys to twist the knife, 2007

Me and Porn Barbie @ Onsy's 2007 Porn

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Hans 2007, led astray (rare sight) Pete 2008 - what a guy Phil 2007 - I'm sorry Phil, I know you hate this .. but it means so much to me that you give your all to our friendship..

Col and Chan Sra .. a chan-cer

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