Temple gate at Angkor, Cambodia   CAMBODIA

Being a glutton for punishment, in 2008 I embarked on another stint working in a remote corner of the planet.

My first attempt at writing my name in Khmer script
'Tony' - from my copy book

I was a Trainer and Project Manager in the Health Sector in one of the most remote towns in the Kingdom. After a month in Phnom Penh learning to speak and write Khmer, I moved to Ban Lung, the provincial capital of Ratanakiri.

Keeping up tradition I tried to make my experiences into an interesting blog, but with such a dull life it was a hard ask!

Avolokitsevara at
Angkor, Siem Reap
Jayavarman VII as the avolokitsevara at Ta Phrom in the Angkor complex. Photo: Tony Hobbs

"There are lots of bankrupt states and plenty of kleptocracies, there are a few failed states; and there is Cambodia."   [John Burdett, 'Bangkok Haunts']