Mwenezi Development Training Centre

Products available at the Centre

The Centre offers goods and services that are produced by the Centre itself, goods produced by graduates of our training courses, and items not otherwise available locally.


Chickens raised at the centre are sold in retail packs or as live animals. From time to time vegetables and citrus fruits in season, eggs, pork and beef are available. Maize is sold by the bucket when possible.


Our toolmaking and blacksmithing workshop produces a range of implements, such as picks and axes, ploughs and plough parts for sale. We can also build scotch carts and other items to order, and can work with your materials.

Carpentry and Welding

Our carpentry shop is able to produce a wide range of furniture and metal goods to order at competitive prices. School furniture and scotch carts are among the items produced.

Leather Goods

A variety of small leather goods made by students is sold from reception.

Small Enterprise Equipment

Peanut and oilseed grinders are available, for the home production of peanut butter and cooking oil. We can assist in sourcing other items of appropriate technology, and household goods such as plough shares and mosquito nets.


Our lodging services include meeting rooms, catering and accommodation. We are also able to provide office space to other organisations requiring a presence in the district. See our lodging page for details.


The Centre includes a clubhouse with a bar and casual meeting place.


We can assist with transport of goods and people within the district, to Masvingo and other areas.


Of course, training local people in skills for self sufficiency is our core business, and we offer courses in agriculture, conservation, building, carpentry, blacksmithing, dressmaking, craft, food processing, nutrition, resource mobilisation, project management and organisational skills. Contact our Training Manager for further information.

Support Services

Follow up and support services are provided to ex-trainees and local artisans, in aspects of business management as well as practical functions such as warehousing facilities to allow bulk purchase of tools and materials.

Graduates of the Centre have established the Mwenezi Informal Sector Association to address problems faced by artisans in the informal sector and allow greater access to development activities.

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