Mwenezi District Organisations

Organisations operating from Neshuro or with programmes in the Mwenezi District
Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe

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Africa Now: a UK based organisation managing and evaluating locally originated projects in Zimbabwe, Kenya and The Gambia. 41 Mutley Bend, Belvedere, Harare.  (04) 741 341  Email

Africa 2000: see UNDP.

Africare Zimbabwe: Afro-american sponsored aid organisation with long term development programs such as edible oil production and education by satellite television, locally involved in flood relief following cyclone Eline.
Contact care of MDTC, or 4A Hugh Fraser Drive, Greendale, Harare. (04) 498 108, 496 453. Email or

Agricultural Development Assistance Fund: a fund set up by the Zimbabwean government to administer credit to smallholder farmers in the communal and resettlement sectors. Lenders can be individuals, groups, NGOs (for onlending) or rural enterprises (for stocking agricultural inputs).
Masvingo: Agribank building, Hughes St. (039) 63429 / 63237
Hurudza House, Mandela and Park Streets, P.O. Box 369, Harare. (04) 774 429. Email

Biodiversity Campaign for Africa: initiate local environmental projects. Email

Campfire Program: a national initiative to involve villagers in managing natural resources so as to generate income while benefiting the environment. Involved in ecotourism development around the Manyuchi dam. See their web page.

Care International: international aid organisation working for food security.   Contact care of MDTC.

Christian Care: sponsoring small dam and irrigation projects in the Mwenezi district.
P.O. Box 18, Masvingo. Ph: (039) 63732

Christianaid: office for Zambia and Zimbabwe.
Corner Selous Ave / 4th Street, Harare. PO Box A990, Avondale.  (04) 722 007/722 001

DAPP: Development Aid from People to People.
Child Aid Mwenezi project - details.

DED: Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst (German Development Service). Sponsoring many projects in partnership with local NGOs.
 P.O. Box 3362, Harare.  Ph: (04) 741 187  Fax: (04) 741 683  Email:

Fund for Development Cooperation (FOS Belgium): P.O. Box 3117, Harare. Phone: (04) 747 841 Email

GTZ: German Development Cooperation. Sponsoring many projects in partnership with government departments, such as the BEST teaching programme with the Ministry of Education, and the Social Forestry Programme with the Forestry Commission.
 Enquire at the relevant government department.

Hivos: Dutch organisation spearheading economy and credit, art and culture, women, environment, and human rights and AIDS.
 Regional office - 20 Phillips Ave, Belgravia.  P.O. Box 2227, Harare.  Ph: (04) 706 704 / 727 197 Fax: (04) 791 981  Email:  Site:

Informal Sector Association of Mwenezi: (replaces Mwenezi Informal Sector Association) representing local self employed artisans.   Contact care of MDTC, or ISTARN.

Istarn: Informal Sector Training and Resource Network.
GTZ sponsored programme encouraging development of the informal sector. Small and Medium Enterprises, community groups and cooperatives given advice, training and assistance, including the Traditional Apprenticeship Scheme and a credit scheme through the Zambuko Trust.
    Masvingo Technical College, P.O. Box 800, Masvingo. Ph: (039) 52301

Jairos Jiri Association: run a prosthetic workshop in Neshuro.
   Provincial office - P.O. Box M444, Chikato, Masvingo. Ph: (039) 52739

Kabissa Fahamu Newsletter: advocacy for social justice. See the current issue.

Kutsungirira Beekeeping Club: was founded in 1996 by Mwenezi community members with the aim of increasing food and income through beekeeping. Michael Hlungwani is the co-ordinator. See their web page.

The Mwenezi Development Training Centre (MDTC): a non government organisation offering training in self-reliance skills and support of community projects.  You are in our web site.  P.O. Box 39, Neshuro.  Ph: (036) 208 or 2806  See our home page.

Council Coat of Arms Mwenezi Rural District Council: the local government authority, with its seat in Neshuro.
  P.O. Box 46, Neshuro.
  (036) 258 Fax: (036) 251

Norad: the aid agency of the Norwegian Government. Contact through the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgravia, Harare. (04) 252 426

Pelum Association: promote learning for and advocating food security, community empowerment and Participatory Ecological Land Use Management through information sharing in eastern and southern Africa.
   PO Box MP 1059, Mt Pleasant, Harare. (04) 744 117/744 509,  Fax (04) 744 470 or or or

Plan International: international organisation focussing on poverty relief for children.
  608 Baobab Road, P.O. Box 7010, Chiredzi.  (031) 3206

SIDO: international organisation supporting the Artisan Network. Email:

Social Forestry: this Forestry Commission/GTZ project is being implemented by the Forestry Extension Services and aims to involve communities in managing and utilising forest resources.   They have offices at MDTC. The provincial office is in Masvingo, PO Box 447, (039) 63 790

The Artisan Network: a regional cooperative group of self employed tradespeople active in five countries. The contact organisation in Zimbabwe is MDTC.  

Tools For Self Reliance: A UK based charity which provides tools of the trade for artisans, including welders and sewing machines. They funded a new lorry and toolmaking workshop at MDTC.  Email:  Website:

United Nations Development Program: a broad based development body.
National offices:

  • NGO Africa 2000 Network / Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme - 60 Selous Avenue, Harare.   Email:
  • Office of the Resident Representative - Takura House, 67-69 Union Ave, P.O. Box 4775, Harare.   Phone: (04) 700 926/39   Email: or
  • Zimbabwe Decentralised Cooperation Program: The ZDCP's Mwenezi District officer is based in Neshuro.
    Contact Morgen Zivhave care of MDTC, Box 39, Neshuro.
    Head Office: 46 Lawson Ave, Milton Park, (Box  A1782, Avondale), Harare (04) 25 2027/9

    Zimbabwe Government:
    Projects active in the area include Community Action Project (CAP) and Poverty Alleviation Action Plan (PAAP), with projects of economic, social, environmental and food security importance, and the South Eastern Dry Areas Program (SEDAP), a poverty alleviation program for the lowveld. (SEDAP: P.O. Box 33, Neshuro)

    Government Department offices include Veterinary Services (ph 2802), National Affairs (ph 252) and Mwenezi Secondary School (ph 2903).

    Mwenezi District Hospital: The district's primary health centre.   P.O. Box 27, Neshuro.   Ph: (036) 224 / 256 / 391

    To phone from outside Zimbabwe use country code 263 and leave out the '0' in the area code.

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