Mwenezi Development Training Centre

The Mwenezi Development Training Centre is an NGO located in the Mwenezi District of southern Zimbabwe. Its objective is to foster development through training in self-reliance skills and support of community projects.

Mwenezi district is the poorest district in Zimbabwe and characterised by marginal subsistence agriculture and unemployment.

The Centre has around 8000 members headed by a Board of Trustees and operates with the support of donors and the community.

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The Centre trains students in practical and management skills suited to small rural enterprises, emphasising 'in situ' training and post training support, and awareness of gender and development issues.

Practical programmes include support services for local artisans, a micro finance scheme, a tool making workshop, water conservation and erosion control schemes, grain banks, and delivery of disaster relief.

Enterprises run by the Centre include broiler production, toolmaking, carpentry shop, rabbitry and market garden. The Centre also provides accommodation and conference facilities and sells a range of products.

The Centre is seeking resource partners for new initiatives.

The Centre is establishing a new website at You can read about the Centre and the district in more detail here. The Masvingo Mirror published this profile article. There is a Facebook page

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The centre is able to assist other development organisations to operate in the area by giving them access to office space, transport, skilled staff and a local network of providers and stakeholders.

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Contact us:
Mwenezi Development Training Centre
Stand No. 117 / P.O. Box 39

Tel: (036)  208 / 2806
Reception: 0782 276 567

International: +263  36 208; + 263  36 2806
  reception: +263 782 276 567

Fax: (036)  208
Clubhouse: (036)  2902

Email: Currently unavailable

Please note
- telephone service is not always reliable. Calls are best made outside business hours by arrangement.
- email access is not regularly available and may take some time. Difficulty may be experienced receiving large emails and attachments.

Registered Welfare Organisation WO 25/91

This site was prepared by Tony Hobbs, an Australian volunteer project officer.
For more information email him or visit his website.

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