Some of Tony's work

Most of the work I've done is confidential or commercial-in-confidence, but here are a few samples of my written work and graphic design...
Newsletter on rights advocacy, I wrote and designed from scratch.

Newsletter on a ranger program I wrote and produced, based on mostly existing graphic design.

A training course I produced for NGO middle managers, all 11 parts on ScribDB, or the most popular module (with over 110,000 views) on Slideshare.

A global business Intranet for engineers I created from scratch.

Magazine article on health workers I wrote.

Policy Manual for a small non-profit I wrote, distilling information from larger documents to a user friendly format.

Magazine report of a Clean Energy Award won by one of my projects [view as PDF (772kb) or as a png picture file (339kb)] and a fact sheet describing the installation.

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